Freelancer's Winning Pitch - Mini Course and Challenge

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Freelancing is the new go-to way to earn good money doing what you love and work a flexible schedule from home or anywhere you want.

Whether it's writing, editing, programing, consulting, graphic design, virtual assistant work, social media management, SEO work, technical assistance, etc., freelancers are taking over and more and more companies are outsourcing work to telecommuters.

Becoming a freelancer has piqued your interest, but you have no idea how people get started and how they get clients.

Can I let you in on a little secret? This is no special sauce or 'secret freelancer's club' you need to know about in order to get clients and start working.

Most people land their first clients by doing the same thing, .

Pitching is the most important skill and process to master when you're just getting started because it will help you secure clients and start earning money so you can grow your business.

This 4-day mini course is currently on sale for only $20 and will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about constructing a winning pitch that will earn you your next awesome client!

Once you sign up, each day you'll receive a lesson in your email inbox followed by an invitation to take part in a 5-day Pitching Challenge.

This course and challenge will be delivered over a 10-day period (which means new freelance clients for you in less than 10 days!!) and are intended to help you get the results you've been looking for so you can finally call yourself a working freelancer.

In this course you'll learn:

  • How to identify your ideal client
  • Ways to make your pitch stand out from competitors
  • How to find prospective clients to pitch (exactly where to look)
  • How to actually craft your winning freelance pitch + a template example of a compelling freelance pitch

In addition, you'll gain access to:

  • Worksheets to go with each lesson
  • The 5-day pitching challenge that I will walk you through in order to help you gain your first/a new freelance client
  • A personalized review of your pitch (before you send it off) along with expert feedback and tips from me
  • Receive unlimited support, advice/tips and more freebies even after you complete the course.

Who Am I?

My name is Chonce and I'm a professional freelance writer who's went from 0 clients to 10+ in just a few months thanks in large part to sending strategic and quality pitches to prospective clients.

During year 1 I freelanced on the side of my full-time job and earned $10,000.

During year 2, freelancing was still a side hustle and I earned $36,000 in online income for the year.

This is year three and my full time job now!

My pitching techniques work and I still use them today. During the past 26 months, I've always maintained a solid roster of clients thanks to my pitching skills.

Due to my success with pitching and securing quality freelance clients, I was able to build up a solid income and quit my day job 8 months ago to freelance full time.

Some say freelancing is scary because the income fluctuates and is not always guaranteed, but as long as you know how to pitch clients the proper way, you will ALWAYS have work and your income will have unlimited potential.

People always ask me for tips to help them get started with freelancing and wonder how I secured all my clients and I realized that other courses and resources aren't really focusing closely on step 1, creating a winning pitch.

This course isn't just for freelance writers. It's great for anyone who's been dying to break into any freelancing niche or simply wants to learn how to pitch better so they can get more clients.

Sign up today if you're ready for results and to add more $$$ to your pocket.

You can also email me with any questions, comments, feedback, or concerns at Chonce @ mydebtepiphany . com.

I look forward to supporting your continued success!

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Freelancer's Winning Pitch - Mini Course and Challenge

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